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Marcel Lapierre n’est plus

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Marcel Lapierre, a leading figure in the natural wine movement, passed away on Sunday.

In September, his 2009 Morgon generated the kind of local buzz usually reserved for pricey cult wines; the SAQ sold its entire shipment of 1,800 bottles in less than a day. Pouring and discussing his 2008s at the natural Beaujolais event last spring, he was affable, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, articulate and seemingly indefatigable. And his wines, even the humble vin de France, were pure and beautiful. RIP.

Natural winemaking pioneer and Beaujolais producer, Marcel Lapierre passes away (Cork’d)

I love Marcel Lapierre (Facebook)

Marcel… (Le blog d’Olif)

Three TéléRézin videos made during Lapierre’s recent visit to Montreal:

Lapierre sur les tablettes de la SAQ

Château Cambon

Vinification du Beaujolais : Classique ou thermo ?

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  1. […] 1987, working as a mechanic and encouraged by his friend Marcel Lapierre, Guy Breton took over the family estate, founded in 1935, from his grandfather. At the time, the […]

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