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A listing of recipes posted on this blog. All come with recommended wine pairings.

Beef stew with red wine and prunes (Daube aux pruneaux)

Charcoal-grilled lamb and vegetables

Chicken breasts with fresh sage (Petti di pollo alla salvia)

Chicken roasted with clementines, fennel and ouzo

Chicken with vin jaune and morels (Poulet au vin jaune et aux morilles)

Grilled lamb chops with lemon, olive oil and thyme

Grilled mussels with rosemary (Moules au romarin)

Grilled spatchcocked chicken

Guinea hen braised with green figs

Guinea hen stuffed with black olives (Pintade de la Drôme aux olives de Nyons)

Hanger steak with rosemary and garlic (Bœuf à la Robespièrre)

Hanger steak with anchovy, garlic and parsley

Lamb and mushroom tian (Tian d’agneau aux légumes)

Lamb stew with vinegar and green bean (Stufatino di agnello con l’aceto)

Lobster roasted with vin jaune

Midsummer potato salad

Mussel and Romano bean soup (Zuppa di cozze con fagioli borlotti)

Mussels with white wine and aromatics (Moules marinières)

Pan-roasted lamb Apulian-style (Agnello tegame all pugliese)

Pan-roasted quail with pancetta and sage (Quaglie in tegame)

Pesto rosso

Potato and celery root purée with olive oil

Rabbit with mustard and cream (Lapin à la cauchoise)

Roasted cod with herbed panko crust

Roasted cod with mustard-cream sauce

Roasted salmon with herb vinaigrette

Salmon kebabs with yogurt and Indian spices

Salmon with leeks and cream

Stir-fried beef and chorizo

Sautéed mushrooms with shallots, olives and anchovies

Scallops with asparagus, orange and thyme

Sirloin flap steak with shallots (Bavette aux échalotes)

Spaghetti with pesto rosso (Spaghetti al pesto rosso)

Skillet steak

Striped bass flambéed with pastis

Turkey roasted according to the Steingarten (aka blast-furnace) method

Winemaker’s grape cake

Updated August 15, 2017

Written by carswell

January 12, 2014 at 11:02

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