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MWG May 11th tasting: report (1/5)

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The first of five sets of tasting notes on 17 wines, 13 of which were from the May 10th Cellier release.

Riesling 2010, Frankland River, Alkoomi ($19.65, 11034151)
Named after the waterway that flows through it, Frankland River is a relatively cool-climate subregion of Western Australia, about 350 km south-southeast of Perth and 80 km inland from the Indian Ocean.
Lime blossom, chalk and a hint of petrol. Dry and fruity with crisp acidity and a lime-scented finish. Not very deep but clean, refreshing and, at 11.8% ABV, quite pound-backable. (Buy again? Maybe.)

Riesling 2010, Eden Valley, Mesh (Grosset-Hill Smith) ($29.30, 11075930)
A recent joint venture by two leading winemakers. Located in South Australia, Eden Valley is a cooler region to the east-southeast of the better-known Barossa Velley. Its Reislings are said to improve with bottle age. This vegan-friendly wine clocks in at 12.5% ABV.
Lemon-lime and quartz, eventually gaining a bath powder note. Exceedingly dry. Pure, acidic and minerally but not otherwise noticeably flavourful. Long, citrus-pithy finish. (Buy again? Not at that price.)

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May 17, 2012 at 09:47

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