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Bourgogne 2010, Sœur Cadette, Domaine de la Cadette ($18.05, 11460660)
100% organically farmed Chardonnay from both the Saint-Pèresous-Vézelay estate and nearby grape-growers. Slow pressed, fermented with indigenous yeasts, allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation and aged five months (according to Kermit Lynch) or 12 months (according to oenopole), all in stainless steel vats. Lightly filtered before bottling. 12.5% ABV.
Lemon, minerals, oats and whey on the nose. In the mouth, zingy lemon over a peach nectar substrate, the ripe fruitiness rounding the sharp acidity. There’s a vaporous lift, felt but not really tasted, like you get from citrus peel oil or turpentine (but in a good way!). Long, sour-chalky finish. A lip-smacking wine, straight and to the point and guaranteed to perk you up on a sweltering day. Understandably popular with sommeliers and restaurateurs (for their personal consumption as well as their wine lists), this is selling out fast.

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July 13, 2012 at 08:47

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