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MWG January 10th tasting (7/7): Andalusian gold

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Sierra Morena, Dorado, Bodegas Gomez Nevado ($24.75, La QV, 6 bottles/case)
A fortified blend of organically farmed Arién, Palomino and Pedro Ximénez. Spends time under a yeast veil (flor) and seven years in American oak casks, where it oxidizes. The main differences between this and a sherry are the presence of Arién grapes and that it is made in the Sierra Morena mountains, about 30 km northwest of Cordoba, and not near the sea. 17% ABV.
Sherry-like nose (more Amontillado than Fino): nutty, orange peel, dried fruits. Quite dry though smooth, rich and surprisingly fresh, with none of the austerity that can make dry sherries a challenge for some palates. The near endless finish has you thinking about hazelnuts, dried apricot and golden raisins but not, in contrast to a dry sherry, brine. Remarkably pure and vibrant, this made a huge impression on the group. Can see it working with Spanish cheeses, including blues, savoury foie gras preparations, braised poultry and even barely sweetened dry cakes. (Buy again? Imperatively.)

Written by carswell

February 3, 2013 at 11:07

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