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MWG February 21st tasting (8/8): A vibrant macvin

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Macvin du Jura, Domaine de Montbourgeau ($31.25, 11785624)
A vin de liqueur made from Chardonnay and a little Poulsard. The grapes are pneumatically pressed. The resulting must is prevented from fermenting by adding Marc du Jura (pomace brandy), the final ratio being about 1/3 marc to 2/3 must. The Macvin is then matured three years in oak barrels and 230-litre pièces. 17% ABV.
Irrepressibly frangrant nose of caraway, honey, wax, candied orange peel, multigrain bread, rye berries, hazelnuts. Dense, smooth and sweet but not heavy or cloying thanks to the lively acidity and exuberant fruit. Long and pure. The very model of a macvin. (Buy again? Absolutely, especially since Macvins show up at the SAQ only once in a blue moon.)

The estate recommends serving it chilled (around 9-10ºC/50ºF) as an aperitif, alongside a first course of melon or cake au jambon (savoury ham cake) or with dessert (caramel ice cream or a chocolate pear tart). I’ve also enjoyed white Macvins with not overly sweet nut-based desserts. Some Jurassiens take it after dinner mixed with marc (usually one part Macvin to two parts marc).

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March 11, 2013 at 09:57

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