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MWG January 16th tasting (1/8): Loureiro like we like it

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La QV’s Cyril Kérébel joined the Mo’ Wine Group for a private import tasting centred around the agency’s newly arrived Georgian wines. We wet our whistles with a Portuguese white.

Vinho verde 2012, Branco, Quinta da Palmirinha ($21.75, La QV, 6 bottles/case)
If the estate, which is located in Gatão in the northern Porto district, has a website, I’ve not found it. The owner/winemaker is Fernando de Magalhães Pinto de Paiva. In any case, this 100% biodynamically farmed Loureiro is manually harvested, fermented with indigenous yeasts and matured 12 months. It sees only stainless steel until bottling. Unfiltered and unfined, with no added sulphur (total sulphites: 76 mg/L). Vegan-compatible. 12% ABV.
Attractive nose: chalk, lemon/lime zest, distant meadow flowers, faint hint of ash. Smooth, almost caressing, on the surface but intense at its core, alive with soft-edged yet coursing acidity. Pleasingly broad and long; deep enough too. The fruitiness makes you think there’s some residual sugar on the finish, though in fact the wine is very dry. Similar wines can be had at the SAQ but none quite this charming and delicious. (Buy again? Yes.)

Would love to taste the estate’s red vinho verde, though it looks like I’d have to cross the pond to do so.

Written by carswell

January 27, 2014 at 13:09

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  1. Delicious vinho verde, far from the usual cheap tart and weird candy tastes we were alas used to see over here. Definitely recommended for the price. A perfect apéro for the terrace. When hell stops freezing over.
    Jeez it’s so cold outside that I refrain from buying wine I’m too afraid of it freezing on my way home.


    January 28, 2014 at 10:18

    • You’re right about this wine and about the vinho verdes we usually see, Antoine, but not all of the latter are terrible. The Gomariz linked to in the note is similar in style to the Palmirinha, if not as accomplished, and will certainly do in a pinch, especially as it runs about $6 less.


      January 28, 2014 at 16:20

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