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Blauburgunder from Burgenland

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This was supposed to be part of the MWG’s June tasting (in lieu of the Fleurie) but it wasn’t freed from the SAQ warehouse in time.

Burgenland 2010, Blauburgunder, Meinklang ($24.50, La QV)
100% biodynamically farmed Pinot Noir. 13% ABV.
A little reductive at first (I should have carafed it), then a fragrant mix of red and black berries, crushed leaves, cola and light spice with an earthy note. On the lighter side of medium-bodied but gaining weight as it breathes. Dry. Smooth as a river stone. The ripe fruit has a tart edge and the oak is very subdued. Lightly structured, with the tannins becoming more apparent on the finish. Not remarkably long but leaving an impression of purity. A bit less rich and sweet than the 2009 but, if anything, even easier to drink.

Written by carswell

September 13, 2012 at 08:23

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