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VDP des Collines Rhodaniennes 2010, Syrah, La Dernière Vigne, Pierre Gaillard ($21.25, 10678325)
100% Syrah from 35-year-old vines. Partially stemmed, then crushed. High-temperature fermentation with pumping over thrice daily. Matured 12 months in 20% new French oak barrels with racking every three months. 12.5% ABV.
Nose dominated by black pepper with blueberry and game in the background. Gains earth, cherry, coffee, slate and an herb-like freshness as it breathes. Medium-bodied, silky textured and well balanced. The pure fruit is shaped by supple tannins, firmed by a faint tartness. Clean finish. Setting aside the label (in competition for the world’s tackiest), if there’s a more amiable Syrah at this price point these days, I’ve not encountered it. As a simple, straightforward quaffer, this will do quite nicely.

Written by carswell

September 14, 2012 at 10:13

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  1. This is definitely the height of vdp vpr. Though I think the tacky here predates the pressing of any label with the name of the cuvée — the so-called most northerly Syrah vine of the Valley. Romantic, you say? Well, the label might be too.
    (I am going to continue judge a wine by the presence of embossed grape clusters on the glass bottle after a recent run-in with Croatian wine.)


    September 14, 2012 at 10:52

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