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Anjou 2007, Les Treilles, Domaine Jo Pithon ($20.70, 12052289)
100% organically farmed Chenin Blanc. 14% ABV. This is the last vintage of the wine, since the estate ceased to exist in January of 2008 (Jo Pithon went on to found a négociant-éleveur business with his stepson, Domaine Pithon-Paillé).
Honeyed nose of apple, tropical fruit (pineapple?) and faint caramel, all against a chalky backdrop. Richly textured yet fluid and very dry, the wine has a glowing intensity at its core. Full of quartz, chalk, vine sap, browning apple and peach and more than a hint of orange. The acidity runs like an underground river from attack to finish and there’s a current of pithy bitterness. A taste of dried honey threads through the long finish. Great QPR. (Buy again? Oh, yes.)

One SAQ outlet reports returns of a few bottles due to off odours but my bottle and that of a friend were pristine, on the inside at least (the outside was covered with a light dust-like substance).

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October 4, 2013 at 17:57

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